Age-Appropriate Transition Assessment Planning Guide

Case Study: Examples for The Right Fit


The youth’s adult life employment goal is focused on a career in fire protection working as a firefighter. While the preference, interest and passion for firefighting is documented in the PINS, other information indicates the youth has difficulty with decision making, changes in routine and structure, as well difficulty with emotional regulation. Each of these areas of challenge are also important skills for a firefighter to possess to effectively and safely carry out the job.

The Fit

 Was there a ‘match’ or ‘fit’?Was there a ‘disconnect’ or ‘gap’?
Overall, how do the adult life goals reflect the youth’s PINS? Jessica has a sincere passion and is motivated to pursue firefighting. It is unclear how wide the gap is, but there are areas of concern related to problem-solving under stress and emotional regulation.
How do the environments in which these goals will take place match with the youth’s preferences? Enjoys being outside and being physically active. Extreme heat could be an issue. Asthma is controlled, but she is taking medication
How does the targeted work, adult learning, living situation, community participation reflect the youth’s interests? Firefighting is definitely an interest and passion. This is an area to continue to explore. It is not clear that Jessica understands the full scope of the firefighter’s responsibilities, some of which may include activities she is little interest in doing.
How are the youth’s needs able to be supported within these goals? Tools to support use of math skills can be available. Templates for written reporting may be useful. Organizational strategies can be developed. Emotional regulation, problem solving skills for intense and unpredictable and dangerous situations may be difficult to develop. Unsure if asthma can be controlled effectively in smoke/fire.
How will the youth’s skills be utilized within the adult life goals? Physical strength and activity are needed for firefighting. Leadership skills can be valuable in situations when one is required to ‘take the lead’. Persistence.. Not giving up is a strength for the firefighter Need more information to determine if her skills will be sufficient for the demands of crisis, life-threatening situations.