Age-Appropriate Transition Assessment Planning Guide

Example Discussion Summary

Are there specific PINS that need to be developed to create a better match or fit with the youth’s adult life goals?
Emotional regulation, impulsivity control, problem solving skills, communication skills for relaying critical information (compared to social communication).
What ideas does the team have for narrowing gaps between the youth’s PINS and plans?
Instruction is self-determination skills *Need more information to develop a plan
Has other important information surfaced during this discussion?
More concerns raised about how the environment of smoke/fire ...even on equipment and clothing… will impact the asthma
What additional questions about the ‘fit’ or match need to be probed with transition assessment?
Need more information about her medical (asthma) condition. More information about the level of emotional regulation needed. More insights into the skills needed for successful firefighting. And the team is unsure how well informed Jessica is about the scope of the firefighter’s role and responsibilities.