Age-Appropriate Transition Assessment Planning Guide

Welcome to our Age-Appropriate Transition Assessment (AATA) Planning Guide!

Throughout this guide, you will be introduced to the planning process for transition assessment. It is important we intentionally plan for transition assessment to ensure we reduce duplication, build on a student’s progress, and identify individualized assessment to build the youth’s profile in relationship to those skills needed for their adult life goals.

Each stage of the planning process will include webpages to explain parts of the process - incorporating videos, showing examples, offering reminders, and suggesting tools to help you each step of the way. Click any of the stages of the planning process to ‘open’ that section of the guide and additional webpages.

At the end of each planning stage, you will find a case study page for our youth, Jessica, showing how her team would work through that stage with her. Finally, the last webpage of each planning stage will have tools and resources to help you implement this new planning process with your youth. You will also find the entire case study and comprehensive list of tools at the end of this guide.

We hope this AATA Planning Guide will help you work through the overlapping stages of the process to help students identify and work towards their adult life goals.