Age-Appropriate Transition Assessment Planning Guide

The Right Fit Discussion

Teams can begin to explore Question Three, the “Right Fit”, by using available data to identify how the youth’s skills, talents and interests connect to, and complement, the skills and knowledge needed to achieve the identified adult life plans. The ‘Right Fit’ discussion is intended to consider the youth’s plans from a variety of angles. Examples of questions to generate discussion include:

  1. How do the youth’s adult plans complement their personality or temperament?
  2. How will attaining these goals support the youth to feel satisfied and fulfilled as an adult?
  3. What potential issues, if any, may emerge from the environment and settings associated with the adult outcomes?
  4. How does the youth’s background information and academic preparation match with skills needed for the future?
  5. How do the future environments, activities and tasks align with the youth’s needs for support or conditions for success?

Download and use the full “Guiding Questions List” below to facilitate “The Right Fit” discussion with the team.