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  1. OCALI Pass accounts are available free of charge to anyone who wishes to participate in professional development opportunities offered through the Ohio Center for Autism and Low Incidence (OCALI).
  2. Access to the account is gained through a user name (email address) and password. Users have the opportunity to update/change their account information as needed or necessary. Only one OCALI Pass account can be set up per email address.
  3. Periodic and timely news and information are emailed to members of the OCALI Pass community to keep them informed of opportunity releases, deadlines and updates. OCALI will not share or distribute a user's identity and/or contact information with outside or third party entities unless user grants OCALI permission to do so. Users may request to be removed from distribution lists by submitting such a request to support@ocali.org.
  4. Although an OCALI Pass is not required, certain opportunities offered through OCALI may require the use of an OCALI Pass.
  5. The account holder is entirely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of account information - including account password - and for any and all activity that occurs through use of an OCALI Pass. Users are encouraged to keep their password private and not to share their password or account with anyone else.
  6. Users are forbidden from using anyone else's OCALI Pass password or account without the express permission of the account owner. The account holder agrees to immediately notify OCALI of any unauthorized use of an OCALI Pass.
  7. OCALI assumes no liability or loss for a user's failure to adhere to these terms and conditions.
  8. CONFERENCES/EVENTS - Photo Release: OCALI may choose to capture photos from events and conferences for use on the OCALI Conference website or in promotional materials such as flyers, brochures, newsletters and/or the Conference Program. Unless permission is revoked in writing to OCALI, by virtue of their attendance, participants consent to the use of their image or likeness in such promotional materials. Furthermore, no financial compensation will be provided for use or publication of photos/images.
  9. CONFERENCES/EVENTS - Credit Card Processing: Credit card payments collected through OCALI Pass ARE NOT processed or housed on OCALI or OCALI Pass servers. Such transactions occur and are archived on a site with Secure Socket Layer (SSL) security. This site is owned and maintained by an external service provider specifically employed to handle electronic credit card transactions.
  10. Visitors should be aware that, subject to certain statutory exceptions, most documents and records maintained by OCALI, including but not limited to electronic data, are public records under Ohio law. Therefore, information submitted through this website may be subject to disclosure pursuant to a public records request.


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