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OCALI Testimony

As a recognized leader in innovation, and evidence based practices, OCALI is often called upon to provide testimony in the Ohio House of Representatives and Ohio Senate that links research to real-life regarding legislative initiatives that impact individuals with disabilities.

March 30, 2022
HB 448 Proponent Testimony before the House Insurance Committee

March 16, 2022
Publicly Funded Child Care and Step Up to Quality Study Committee Interested Party Testimony

June 11, 2021
HB110 Letter to the General Assembly

November 10, 2020
HB443 Interested Party Testimony before the House Health Committee

February 12, 2020
SB254 Interested Party Testimony before the Senate Insurance and Financial Institutions Committee

March 20, 2018
SB246 Proponent Testimony before the Senate Finance Committee

March 29, 2017
HB115 Proponent Testimony before the Community and Family Advancement Committee