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Find Facts & Figures, informational materials, and presentations the Office of Policy has created to educate thought leaders and policy makers on key topics and issues related to disability.

Facts & Figures

Review the data behind some of the most pressing issues related to disability.

Autism & Early Access to Care

Autism & Mental Health

The Changing Face of Ohio's Multisystem Youth

Early Care & Disability

Interagency Work Group on Autism Family Survey

Interagency Work Group on Autism Transition Survey

System of Care & Hi-Fidelity Wraparound

Transition, Employment, and Community Life

Informational Material

Learn more about key terms and topics coming up in policy discussions.

REV UP the Vote 2019

Autism CARES Act & Ohio

Care Coordination and Multi-System Youth

Custody Relinquishment & Access to Care


Access information the Office of Policy shares with stakeholder groups, policy makers, and the public.

Ohio’s Developmental Disability System (In Twenty Minutes or Less…From 10,000 Feet) presented to the Ohio Developmental Disabilities Caucus April 16, 2019