Age-Appropriate Transition Assessment Planning Guide

Case Study: Jessica's Unanswered Questions


Jessica’s PINS support a preference, interest and passion in a career in fire protection working as a firefighter. However, other information indicates the youth has difficulty with decision making, needs routine and structure, as well as has difficulty with emotional regulation. Other health related Information has raised questions from the team. Team discussions surfaced several other types of transition assessment questions that could assist the youth and team in continued transition planning. The team looked at the gap, or even perceived gap, between Jessica’s current skills and those skills needed to be a firefighter. The following are several of the most important questions identified about the youth’s PINS and aspirations in order to refine her career path:

  • Why is the youth so intensely interested in a career as a firefighter?
  • What does the youth know about or anticipate occurs when a firefighter must address a burning house? What does the youth (and the team) know about the role and responsibility of a firefighter outside of fighting fires?
  • What is the range of emotional reactions that a person must manage in the role of a firefighter?
  • What is the accuracy of the youth’s written communication skills in regards to writing a factual firefighter’s report and leaving out her personal opinion or bias?
  • Are there multiple positions needed to maintain readiness for and engage in firefighting. Other than the firefighter? What are some of these? What are associated careers and jobs to firefighter and which of these may also be an interest or preference for Jessica?
  • To what extent will smoke and fire exacerbate Jessica’s asthma attacks?