What Works for Work: Evidence Based Transition Practices and Predictors

Starter Sessions for Evidence Based Practices

Users should develop a foundational understanding of evidence based practices as the first steps. This is accomplished by completing the recommended introductory sessions listed below. However, there is no ’correct’ order to view the material. Some experienced users may choose to skip around and sample sessions out of order. If, however, the session materials reference information that is unfamiliar, it is best to return to the introductory sessions to assure a strong foundation.

It is recommended that these sessions be completed first and in numerical order.

In addition to learning about and defining evidence based practices (EBP), users will also understand how EBP fit with the instructional process and task analysis. The EBP of chaining and prompting are also recommended as part of the foundational or initial materials. These sessions include a review of baseline data for task analysis which is essential when planning instruction. Chaining and prompting are also often used in conjunction with other practices.