Introduction to the Effective Transition Practices

In session one, the learner will:

  • Define the OLTS and the general trends identified by the OTLS

  • Define effective practices and the features of practices defined as such

  • Be familiar with the Ohio Employment First Evidence BAsed Practices for Transition Youth

Session One

01: Powerpoint for Session One
Download | Format: PPTX | Size: 12 MB

02: Notes with AltText and Outline of Session One
Download | Format: DOCX | Size: < 1 MB

03: Introductory Materials and Activities for Session One
Download | Format: DOCX | Size: < 1 MB

04: Evidence Based Practices for Transition Youth (Handout)
Download | Format: PDF | Size: < 1 MB

Download all these files as a ZIP file

Post-Session Survey

After completing the session activities and content, complete a brief survey with 75% accuracy to receive a certificate of completion.


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