What Works for Work: Evidence Based Transition Practices and Predictors

The Project

OCALI, with the support of an Ohio Developmental Disabilities Council grant, designed and implemented professional development to improve practitioners’ knowledge and skill of evidence based practices. The project provided in-depth information and hands-on experience with practices before teams incorporated them into student plans. Teams were then supported to carefully plan implementation which facilitated reliable outcomes. As a result of this project work, OCALI is able to offer a free online product that individual practitioners and teams can use to learn about evidence based practices and create implementation plans.

The materials and tools from the What Works for Work project have been organized into a 12-session online product. The product may be used by individuals facilitating group learning sessions or by a single user.

Downloads provided for the session

Each session includes a PowerPoint slideshow that provides the user with information about an evidence based practice or a planning process. Additional handouts or links to resources are offered in each session. Notes and activities offer more information for greater understanding, as well as to facilitate the presentation of the materials.

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