Transition Planning and the IEP

Resource Links for Element Four

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Bureau of Labor Statistics

Career planning of high schoolers Article to consider student strengths weakness and avenues for students to find success on their path to employment.


Career Connections

Career Connections offers links to multiple resources for educators, students and parents. Resources assist students to identify connections between school-based academic information and the world of work.


Career Tech

Updated database of career technical programs in Ohio as well resources on how students interest relate to their future job field.


Map of the Ohio Career Technical Planning Districts

Review the map to discover how career technical education is provided to students in school districts across Ohio


Ohio Career Technical Centers and Compacts Videos

Examples of a few Career Centers in Ohio and what is is offered in these schools


Pathways to Graduation

Students have multiple pathways to earn a high school diploma so that you can move on to your next steps in education or a career


Secondary Transition for Students with Disabilities Modules: Module Four- Student Development

Ohio Department of Education-Office for Exceptional Children offers free online modules for IEP team members to learn to plan, implement and support high quality secondary transition. Module Four addresses skill development to meet postsecondary goals


Success in the New Economy

This Youtube video highlights the new job market and explains the training needed to meet the labor market demands of 2018 and beyond.


The Insufficient Degree

This brief video examines the disconnect between the current preparation that some college students receive and the skills required in the twenty-first century job market.


Universal Design

Ideas to help design educational environments that enable all learners to gain knowledge, skills, and enthusiasm for learning.

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