Transition Planning and the IEP

Element Two: Review Vision for Future Planning

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Review Vision for Future Planning

Future planning begins with the IEP team reviewing the vision for the student’s adult life. Often the team, including the student, needs more information to frame or clarify the vision for the future. In these situations, a team meeting can facilitate a future-focused discussion with the student and family by having them describe what they envision a typical week for the student will include after he graduates from high school.

  • Where does he want to work?

  • How will he spend leisure time?

  • Where will he live?

  • What type of adult learning will he engage in after graduation?

  • What type of transportation will be used?

  • What questions does the team still need to be answered to continue to develop the future vision?

If the vision of the future does not seem well developed, this is the opportunity to identify additional Age-Appropriate Transition Assessments that can gather data to assist in clarifying and developing a clear vision for the future.

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