Transition Planning and the IEP

Considerations for Summary of Performance (SOP)

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IDEIA 2004 requires schools to provide a Summary of Performance (SOP) to students with disabilities served through an IEP or a 504 Plan when graduating or leaving high school. The SOP should be completed during the final year of high school and is most meaningful when the student has the opportunity to actively participate in the development of this summary.

The SOP includes:

  • A synopsis of the student’s academic achievement and functional performance

  • Information based on the student’s unique needs and focused on goals following high school

  • Recommendations to assist the student in meeting his/her postsecondary goals

  • Guidance for the student to understand his or her accommodation and support needs in postsecondary settings

The intent of the SOP is to provide crucial information for the student and the people who may assist the student in the future in a summary documentation that goes with the student when he/she leaves high school. The Summary of Performance is NOT a part of the IEP; therefore, an IEP meeting does not have to be conducted to complete the  Summary of Performance.

Information from the Ohio Department of Education website on Summary of Performance (SOP) can be found in the resource tab.

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