Transition Planning and the IEP

Element Four: Identify Courses of Study

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After the postsecondary (adult life) goals have been defined, the transition team creates a multi-year description of the needed course(s) of study that support the student’s vision, future plan and measurable postsecondary goals. These multi-year courses represent the content needed to prepare and enable the student to achieve the identified adult life goals. One type of course of study that might be identified is the Ohio Core Curriculum which prepares a student academically for college. The student that is focused on an occupation requiring a specific skill set and credentials might consider attending a career center where the focus is career and technical education, but will also provide the Ohio Core Curriculum. Some postsecondary goals require a course of study that includes community based instruction, such as those that target independent living skills or perhaps application of entry level skills for employment. Often a student will need a combination of options.

Important points to remember:

  • The selection of a course of study is an individual decision based on the student’s post-school outcomes and the student’s specific needs

  • Often a combination of courses and programs will be required

  • Different post-school goals may require different courses (example: employment and independent living goals)

  • Regardless of the type of courses of study a student participates in, the student is always provided the supports, accommodations and modifications that are designated in the student’s IEP.

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