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The following resources lend support to language and literacy development.


Autism Center Grab and Go Resource Gallery

Explore these interventions to support all learners, including those with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Completed and blank templates are free and available to download. Each intervention has a how-to explanation and demonstrates how it may be used in the school, home, community, and work settings. It is important to keep in mind that interventions need to address the underlying needs of the individual. Therefore, select the interventions that address those specific needs.

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Book Study Resources for Autism Focused Professional Learning Communities

Throughout Ohio educators, paraprofessionals, related service personnel and family members are enhancing their understanding of autism spectrum disorder and how to support individuals with ASD through the use of book studies. Professional Learning Communities and online learning have provided parents and professionals the platform to collaborate and learn from each other. Books can be borrowed from the OCALI lending library.

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Preschool Autism Training Series

Intended for preschool personnel working with students identified with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), the 3-day institute includes training on a variety of topics associated with understanding the diverse needs of young children with ASD.

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Tip of the Month

Monthly tips to support students on the autism spectrum.

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