ASD Tip of the Month


Self-care is vital for the well-being of any individual, family member, and professional. Sometimes with an autism diagnosis, the experiences and emotions one might feel can make the skill to practice self-care seem unattainable. Often times, professionals and family members set aside their own needs while underestimating the effect it can have on their own well-being, frequently leading to higher levels of stress and lower levels of quality of life. Each month, OCALI will highlight resources to help start a new habit toward self-care and the opportunity to challenge yourself to be #ABetterMeABetterYou.

Check out our self-care book study Take Time for You: Self-Care Action Plan for Educators by Tina Boogren

“Shout-Out” to You


Taking a moment to acknowledge and celebrate something about you and your skills as a teacher, therapist, paraprofessional, or administrator each day can be the medicine needed to boost your outlook. Start your day by telling yourself one thing you are proud of – encouraging a student to try something new, capturing the attention of your students, training a coworker, or overcoming a personal challenge. Then end your day recognizing at least one thing you accomplished during the day. Celebrate you each and every day!

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