ASD Tip of the Month

For the past six years, the autism center has provided a monthly tip to support and encourage you as you educate children and youth with autism. We are excited to share with you our favorite tips from the past.

September 2020:

Wendy’s Favorite - Support Executive Function Skills: November 2016-17

Executive function skills are important for every person and can be very helpful for people with autism. That’s what makes this tip one of my favorites! “Do you have a student with autism spectrum disorder who is challenged with being organized, taking notes, and having needed materials? Executive dysfunction may be the cause. Executive function (EF) skills are cognitive processes that include organizing, initiating, goal setting, shifting attention, and self-monitoring. To support EF self-management skills, try visual supports such as checklists, scales, and graphic organizers. For EF time-management skills, explore the use of timers, schedules, and calendars. Challenges with information management can be helped with study guides, electronic file systems, dictation programs, and rubrics. And finally, materials management skills can be built with checklists, color-coding, email, and photo supports.”

Executive Function Resources include:

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