ASD Tip of the Month


Self-care is vital for the well-being of any individual, family member, and professional. Sometimes with an autism diagnosis, the experiences and emotions one might feel can make the skill to practice self-care seem unattainable. Often times, professionals and family members set aside their own needs while underestimating the effect it can have on their own well-being, frequently leading to higher levels of stress and lower levels of quality of life. Each month, OCALI will highlight resources to help start a new habit toward self-care and the opportunity to challenge yourself to be #ABetterMeABetterYou.

Check out our self-care book study Take Time for You: Self-Care Action Plan for Educators by Tina Boogren

Educate Yourself


April is Autism Awareness and Acceptance Month. It is a good opportunity to educate yourself more about ASD, however don’t overdo it. Continue to keep yourself informed about autism spectrum disorder but do it in a time frame that works for you. Sometimes people can get too invested in learning and forget about their own personal needs. It can be easy to become consumed in all of the information that is available. Set a schedule that works for you and supports your self-care. Perhaps you can learn about one evidence-based practice each month, while still finding time in your schedule for some “me” time.