ASD Tip of the Month

For the past six years, the autism center has provided a monthly tip to support and encourage you as you educate children and youth with autism. We are excited to share with you our favorite tips from the past.

November 2020:

Amy’s favorite: Embrace Special Interests - October 2014-2015

I LOVE this tip! I love hearing about the interests of others, such as bird watching, scrapbooking, exercising, baking, or painting. Special interests are a part of who we are. Individuals with ASD also have special interests that should be embraced and appreciated.

‘Whether it is air conditioner parts, carnivorous plants, hood ornaments or clocks, many individuals with ASD have a very intense focus on a special interest. These interests typically are very specific to the individual and generally not of great interest to others of the same age group. Use special interests as you build learning opportunities in the home, school and community so that individuals are motivated to learn and demonstrate their strengths and skills to others.

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