Third Thursday - Learn Strategies for Addressing Puberty and Sexuality

Learn Strategies for Addressing Puberty and Sexuality
January 21, 2016

Most parents, even parents of children without special needs, can have some qualms about approaching this topic with their children. It can present greater challenges to parents of children with disabilities. The session will offer some basic information to help parents prepare for the teaching that must be done to prepare their child for the changes of puberty. I will also interview two mothers, one of a teenage girl and the other of a teenage boy, who have begun to face these challenges with their children. We will talk about issues such as hygiene, menstruation, masturbation, behavioral challenges and we will describe some teaching strategies parents can use to shape appropriate behavior. The session will also introduce parents to resources they can use to help them become informed and prepared. Join us for this discussion.

Puberty and Sexuality Resources
Puberty and Sexuality Slides
Puberty Social Story

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