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Professional Learning and Coaching

The following resources lend support to providing training, guidance, and/or technical assistance.


Access to the General Education Curriculum/Literacy Access for ALL

This FREE, 10-part video series containing over 70 coaching videos and hundreds of resources explores strategies grounded in research that are designed to ensure ALL learners have access to the general curriculum.

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AEM an All Access Path to Success

Short instructional video about accessible educational materials and assistive technology tools to support student access and participation. The video discusses the use of AEM by students with differing abilities and throughout the lifespan.

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AEM Request Web Portal

Web based access to place requests for accessible educational materials through the AT&AEM Center. This also include items in FQ Clearinghouse such as VI AT devices, large print and braille books for long-term loan to support students with low vision and blindness.

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AEM Request Web Portal Instructional Video

Instructional Video to support LEAS in completing an AEM request through the AT&AEM Center Request Portal.

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ASD and Assistive Technology Video Collection

A series of videos about supporting people with ASD with assistive technologies. Specific topics addressed include: social, organizational, literacy, and writing.

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Assistive Technology Internet Modules (ATIM)

ATIM include 58 interactive learning modules on topics related to AT including but not limited to resources about, assessment, implementation, transition, and AT for specific curricular areas and areas of independent living.

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AT&AEM Census Instructional Video

Instructional Video to support Ohio LEAs in completing the annual Federal Quota(FQ) Census through the AT&AEM Center FQ Census Portal.

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AT&AEM Federal Quota Video

Short Instructional video about the history, intent and processes related to the FQ services in Ohio.

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Annual Instructional video about FQ registration and any new processes for the current census year (2022).

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AT Assessment

Resources for identifying AT tools, the need for AEM, AAC assessment, AT user satisfaction, and feature-matching for mobile devices and apps.

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AT Devices

The OCALI AT Lending Library contains a wide range of assistive technology devices, AT kits, and FM/DM systems and that can be borrowed by Ohio school districts and other agencies who support persons with disabilities to assist in the AT assessment process by providing hands-on trials to determine appropriate AT features needed for a student.

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AT Implementation

Links to resources for AT implementation.

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BEST Local Braille Production Centers Application Process

Each year three districts/agencies are chosen to receive a braille production through the BEST grant. Learn about how to apply for a local braille production center and view an interactive map of the braille production centers already in Ohio schools.

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BEST On-Demand Tips and Tricks

On-demand video sessions were created to support educators who need immediate assistance related to braille software and technologies, braille math or creating accessible educational materials. The on-demand videos are typically short (5-15 minutes each) and provide quick and immediate answers.

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BEST TA Request Portal

An online portal to submit questions to the BEST Technical Assistance (TA) Consultants any time of day. Braille Technology and Literacy Consultant experts will be in touch with you by email or phone. Common inquiries include braille transcribing, braille production, support with braille equipment, or certification questions.

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BEST Trainings

Training sessions focused on braille literacy, braille instruction, braille materials, and braille technology for educators who serve students who are blind and visually impaired in school districts. All trainings are free as well as training materials and software provided to participants and their districts.

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Braille and Large Print Books

A collection of early reader and tradebooks created in contracted or uncontracted braille, as well as large print tradebooks for check out on short term loan through the OCALI Lending Library.

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Braille Ohio State Practice Tests

A collection of braille Ohio State Practice Tests are available through the OCALI Lending Library. Each test set includes the Unified English Braille version and student reference guides. All mathematics and science tests are transcribed using Nemeth Code in the UEB context.


FQ Census Registration Portal

Webportal for the Federal Quota (FQ) annual registration of blind students in Ohio.

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Here to Help - Video Collection

Various short videos in area of AT and AEM to help support remote learning needs.

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LEGO Braille Bricks

Distribution of free Lego Braille Bricks to qualifying teachers of the blind for the purpose of supporting braille literacy.

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