Employment and the Youth with Autism Spectrum Disorders

The Right Fit

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The “Right Fit” Discussion Guide is designed to facilitate conversation and planning when determining features of the right type of work environment for an individual. The items in the guide can assist in identifying the person’s work style and the “fit” of that personal style to the potential employment situation and environment. Locating the ‘perfect’ employment environment may be difficult at best, however that does not mean that a less than perfect environment could not be made workable by adding some accommodations or supports. Using the “Right Fit” Discussion Guide could help a person and the team identify the existing features that are a good match for the individual’s work style as well as what aspects of the workplace would need adapting.

Download The Right Fit: A Discussion Guide here

Making the Right Match Discussion Guide requires attention to several areas:

  1. Personal work and learning style
  2. Physical components and requirements of the workplace
  3. Social components and expectations of the work environment

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