Employment and the Youth with Autism Spectrum Disorders

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Transition To Adulthood Modules Employment and the Youth with ASD-Sm

What is the Transition to Adulthood Guideline Series?

The process of transition to adulthood is a complex and ongoing process that can start as soon as a child is born, continues as the child becomes an adolescent, and is refined in early adult life. While this process is can be complex for any person, the individual with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD) faces unique challenges that require specialized consideration when navigating the transition to adulthood. This set of guidelines will help the user understand these challenges and raise awareness of these important considerations.

The Transition to Adulthood Guideline Series focuses on the period of time that begins in the early years of middle school through the first few years following graduation from high school. The information in this set of guidelines will assist the individual with ASD and his or her team to navigate planning related to employment, postsecondary education and adult living. Implications for successful transition for the individuals with ASD to consider are highlighted throughout. Resources are provided to expand knowledge and connect to potential service and support. Use this set of guidelines as a reference and resource to frame the team’s approach to understanding, addressing and planning for the transition to adulthood.

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