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Universal Design for Learning removes all barriers
by Matt Zalaznick an administrator in the School District of Sheboygan Falls Wisconsin

This article explains how Universal Design for Learning provides flexibility for students and educators in achieving their goals while closing the achievement gap for students. There are also some great links in the article that support the person reading this article with deeper information.

5 ways our centralized LMS supports UDL

In this article Nick Williams the director of technology for Bartholomew Consolidated School Corporation in Columbus, Indiana discusses how their LMS system has worked so well with their Universal Design for Learning Framework. Nick specifically discusses five ways in detail.

Ringgold Elementary School North bringing fun back into the classroom

Megan Marie Van Fossan, the superintendent of Ringgold School District in New Eagle, Pennsylvania has implemented the Universal Design for Learning framework and students and teachers are having fun again learning. When students talk about being expert learners it means a lot to educators. Principal Ross Ference likes the UDL approach because it gives his teachers more flexibility, while they teach to the edges.

Video: See UDL in Action in the Classroom

Susan Seelig from Ohio’s State Support Team Region 10 suggested this video by Understood for Educators. They show Eric Crouch, a teacher in a classroom and his everyday Universal Design for Learning (UDL) practices in the classroom. Eric used the framework to set up his class, guide how he teaches, offer student choices and how he engages all students. Eric even talks about his struggles in school back when he was young and how he has found implementing the UDL Framework has helped him and his students today.

Galion staff presents at OCALICON

Universal Design for Learning was a theme standing out at OCALICON 2018. Be sure to read about how Galion Staff from SSTR-7 Region of the state presented on implementation. “Barb Gentille-Green from our State Support Team 7 approached us in the Spring of 2018 about presenting because we are excited about the good things we are seeing in our classrooms that are helping students be successful.”