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UDL is not just for students

The authors Kendra Grand and Luis Perez discuss how to use the UDL Framework to better understand oneself as an educator.

Career and Technical Education Bill Expands Access to Universal Design for Learning

To read more about The Strengthening Career and Technical Education for the 21st Century Act (HR.2353)

If Not Learning Styles Theory, Then What?

The author discusses another approach of thinking which may show more evidence than Learning Styles Theory.

What Kids with ADHD Need to Learn: A Recipe from a Mom Who Is Also a School Superintendent

My daughter is a powerful, beautiful tornado. In hindsight, her impulsivity started at birth. I was induced with full-term twins, and, within an hour, my sweet baby girl crowned, much to the dismay of the doctor, who planned for a delivery in the OR. “Wow, she doesn’t wait for anything,” the doctor quipped.

CAST Unveils New UDL Guidelines Website

CAST today announced a new online home for the UDL Guidelines, udlguidelines.cast.org. The new site—designed and built by CAST’s inhouse team and utilizing the CAST Figuration front-end framework—gives users an accessible, responsive experience across platforms and devices to access this essential resource for the Universal Design for Learning (UDL) field.