Transition Youth and Employment

Core Principle 2

Transition planning for youth requires multi-agency collaboration

Success does not happen in silos! As youth enter the transition years, agencies become involved by either providing service or assisting in planning for future service. Regardless of the extent of formal involvement while the youth is in school, agencies should come together with families to discuss and develop a plan that will lead to adult employment.

Youth with ASD may have many agencies involved as they enter the transition years and into adulthood. Conversely, some youth may have few formal agency connections and may be eligible for few or no adult agency services. Additionally, agencies may not be familiar with the variability of strengths and challenges presented by some individuals on the autism spectrum. These issues elevate the importance of multi-agency collaboration for youth with ASD.

Implications for transition teams:

  • Families should begin to explore the agencies and resources in their county well before age 14.

  • Educators of all youth with ASD, regardless of their skills and abilities, should facilitate the connection to information for multi-agency transition planning no later than age 14.

  • Students with ASD may not be eligible for adult agencies support (or limited supports) and their families need to have knowledge of Career Connection resources and how to access the Student Success Plan in their districts.


Interagency Work Group on Autism (IWGA)

Interagency Work Group on Autism coordinates Ohio's efforts to ensure Ohioans with autism spectrum disorder have the necessary system of supports across their lifespan.


Ohio Employment First Agency Navigation Tool

This tool provides an overview of multiple agencies in Ohio and the role of the agency to assist individuals on the path to employment. In addition, the tool offers team members a way to organize the information.


How-To Guide to Community and Employment for Job Seekers and Families

Job seekers will find information and tools to assist in navigating the steps to employment using this How-To Guide. The site offers Easy Read modules in the LEARN section and resources to assist movement along the path to community and employment.


Planning for Transition Assessment: A Guide for Multi Agency Teams

During the transition years, schools and agencies have overlapping responsibility for interacting with youth. This Guide lays out a 5 step process for planning and conducting transition assessment and includes the Backwards Planning template. This Guide is designed to provide details useful for teams new to multi agency planning and/or when a youth has complex or intensive needs This document is downloadable and fillable.


Student Success Plans

Student success plans are intended to be unique and reflect aspirations, strengths and interests of the individual student.


Career Connections

Career Connections offer practical ways for teachers and school counselors, families and community members to show students, as early as in kindergarten, the types of jobs possible for them.