Transition Youth and Employment

Transition to adult life ‘officially’ begins at age 14, however, understanding more about the systems, processes and planning that may be involved can begin at any age. Exploring the foundational elements of transition is a good place to start. The Ohio Employment First Task Force identified five core principles to consider when planning for competitive integrated employment for youth, including youth with autism spectrum disorder. As families, educators and agency partners work together to create plans that lead to adult success, they should review the five principles. Transition teams should take action to align practices and programs to reflect these principles with the knowledge that youth with ASD may present unique strengths and challenges that have implication for planning, education and support.


Ohio Employment First Transition Framework

Ohio Employment First Transition Framework is a critical component to the Ohio Employment First structure and is intended to address barriers to transition planning and services in order to achieve meaningful adult outcomes.


Ohio Employment First Task Force

The taskforce is charged with expanding community employment opportunities by reducing barriers and aligning state policy.


Ohio Department of Education Secondary Transition Modules

These five modules provide effective practices provide information for transition teams to use that assist in developing transition practices and transition plans that move students toward successful outcomes in education/training, competitive integrated employment, and community membership.


Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities- Pre-Employment Transition Services

Review the Pre-Employment Transition Services (Pre-ETS) that are available to all youth with disabilities in Ohio. These introductory services and are intended to help students with disabilities get an early start in identifying career interests to begin their career development.


Autism Strategies in Action: Transition Age

Real-Life Practical, Evidence-Based module that target different age groups of individuals on ASD spectrum that can show many examples of positive social skills and how to implement them in a variety of settings.


OCALI Lifespan Transitions Center

The Lifespan Transitions Center offers resources,training, and technical assistance to support the successful transition of individuals with autism and multiple disabilities from school to adult life.