Autism Acceptance Month 2024

Access + Belonging = Community (A+B=C) is a simple equation offering unlimited solutions to promote access and inclusion, fostering a true sense of community by ensuring everyone is included. The concepts of access and belonging are central to everything we do at OCALI. A+B=C is OCALI’s work each and every day.

It is threaded through our professional development activities, our material creation and distribution, and the hundreds of other initiatives we oversee and participate in.

During the month of April in celebration of Autism Acceptance Month, we are excited to share resources, tools, and activities that embrace A+B=C and advance OCALI’s mission to inspire change and promote access.

We invite you to explore our ‘Autism Acceptance Library’ full of items selected by our staff, along with the many other resources offered by OCALI, and join us in enhancing A+B=C.

No Dewey Decimal System? No Problem! Use the following key to identify which resources belong to each OCALI Center.

Center for the Young Child

Autism Center

Lifespan Transitions Center

Assistive Technology and Accessible Educational Materials Center

Family and Community Outreach Center

Staff picks:

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They shared very personal stories and I left with a deeper understanding of Austism, and Autism and Women.

Very informative about the different types of AT available now. It will [be] easier in the future to be able to have an idea of what might help a student be successful.



This training is so helpful, specific and respectful. I am learning a ton and really appreciate the time to practice and then hear feedback.

...I really like the piece on ‘being present is not necessarily inclusive.’ [It] makes you stop and think about your practice and setting.



[It’s] very beneficial having the general public be exposed to such an educational module to help them understand and support individuals with ASD and their families.

...You get to sing without nobody judging you or just saying 'why are you singing like that?' We're just being us and it's part of being you. And that's a beautiful gift.