District Autism Training

Improving Outcomes for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder:
A District-Wide Approach


Intended for district autism teams, the 2-day institute involves a process-planning framework for designing a comprehensive district plan addressing the needs of individuals with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Participants will utilize several tools to conduct baseline assessment on district strengths and needs as they relate to ASD. Teams will address components essential for the development and implementation of a 3 to 5 year action plan.


Ideally, participants will consist of the following members:

  • Administrators, preferably one representing each building level staff, who believe that ALL students are essential members of the school community and should be valued as proficient learners 
  • General education teachers, preferably one from each building level staff, who believe that students with ASD can be educated with same age peers and who have had students with ASD in their classrooms
  • Intervention specialists, preferably one from each building level staff, who have advance knowledge in ASD and who have students with ASD in their classrooms
  • Qualified personnel with advanced knowledge of ASD (ie: communication issues, sensory differences, behavioral differences, etc.) and who have the flexibility within their work schedule to lead and facilitate the district in the development of a district-wide action plan with emphasis on the implementation of comprehensive planning for students with ASD
  • Director of Special Education/Coordinator of Special Educator who is leading the district in serving students with ASD in a comprehensive manner

Pre-Institute Activities

Members of the team may be asked to complete baseline checklists prior to the training.

* Please bring a copy of your district’s OIP DLT or BLT goals *

Autism Team Ongoing Activities

Members of the team will be responsible for actions such as:

  • Championing the philosophical belief that all students, including students with ASD, are integral members of the district population and need to be planned for accordingly 
  • Assessing/surveying knowledge base of district/building personnel in ASD
  • Leading the district in the development of an Action Plan that ultimately provides comprehensive programming for students with ASD.
  • Submitting initial Action Plan and updated versions to SST/OCALI personnel for review and support where needed
  • Working with administration to determine the structural and instrumental supports/resources needed to create the capacity to build and implement a district comprehensive plan to address the needs of students with ASD
  • Providing and/or coordinating professional development for certified/non-certified staff
  • Providing coaching/consultation to classroom/non-classroom staff related to: assessing students’ needs, developing appropriate programming/interventions, implementing programming, monitoring progress, etc.
  • Supporting staff, student/building level teams with developing plans for transitioning students when they move from one building to another

Members of the autism team may need access to such things as:

  • Flexibility within their work schedules to support building level and teacher-based teams working with students with ASD
  • Release time for:
    • Planning with administration
    • Planning with other district/building autism team members
    • Attending follow up meetings with SST/OCALI personnel
    • Coordinating/developing/providing professional development
    • Observing/providing direct support to staff in classroom/non-classroom settings
    • Coordinating meetings with building level and teacher-based teams

Contact Amy Bixler Coffin for further information
Email: amy_bixler@ocali.org - Phone: 614.410.0868