A Guide for Assessment

Communicating and Collaborating with Families

Professionals face a challenging task when discussing a suspected disability with families.  The message is challenging for the professional to deliver, and also challenging for families to receive.  As families and professionals work through this, it is important that they establish an effective and collaborative relationship with open lines of communication.  Communication should be frequent and ongoing. Families should be invited and encouraged to ask questions, provide input, and participate throughout the process.  The webcasts, links, and documents in this section provide information and resources that support open communication and collaboration between professionals and families. 


The Easter Seals Ages and Stages Project
Offers families an online developmental assessment tool to use in their homes to identify potential concerns. The tool is easy to use and is customized to your child's age. Great for kids 0-5.

Talking to Parents about Autism - Autism Speaks 
A video that provides educators with information on how to approach the topic of a potential development delay with parents.


Sharing Concerns - If You Suspect a Developmental Delay or Autism, Speak Up!
A document that covers the do's and don'ts when addressing concerns with parents regarding their child's development.
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