A Guide for Assessment

Assessment Measures

Selecting the appropriate means of assessment is a fundamental step in the assessment process.  A variety of assessment tools as well as information collected from parents should be used to gain relevant data about the student's strengths and challenges and is essential. Collecting data through a variety of measures (e.g., observations, interviews, formal assessments) and from an array of sources (e.g., parents, teachers, related service personnel, psychologists) results in a clear understanding of the student's abilities and needs.  

This section contains information on various assessment measures.


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The Texas Autism Resource Guide for Effective Teaching: TARGET
A manual that contains information to support professionals developing practices from initial referral to program development and implementation. Sections include eligibility vs. diagnosis, educational implications, evaluation, interventions and a glossary.


Parent Interview of Social Functioning
A set of questions (Bellini, 2006) for parents/caregivers related to social skills (i.e., social functioning, social communication, and interests) as they relate to the child with an autism spectrum disorder.
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Teacher Interview of Social Functioning
A set of questions (Bellini, 2006) addressing social skills (i.e., social functioning, communication, and interests) directed toward a teacher working with a student with an autism spectrum disorder.
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Child Interview of Social Functioning
A set of questions (Bellini, 2006) to be answered by the child with an autism spectrum disorder that address social, emotional, interests/routines, and stereotypical behaviors.
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Autism Social Skills Profile
A tool (Bellini, 2006) to assist in identifying social skills deficits as related to three areas: social reciprocity, social participation/avoidance, and detrimental social behaviors.
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Profile of Social Difficulty
A rating scale (Coucouvanis, 2005) designed to help identify gaps in skills necessary for successful social interactions among four areas: fundamental skills, social initiation skills, social response skills, and getting along with others.
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