Autism Diagnosis Education Project


So how does ADEP work? Who is involved? How does the team make a diagnosis?

ADEP links local service providers and physicians to ensure a comprehensive multidisciplinary evaluation of a child.

A comprehensive evaluation should include the following:

  • Health, developmental, and behavioral histories
  • Physical examination

  • Developmental, psychoeducational evaluation

  • Determination of a diagnosis (including the use of standardized tools) needed for early intervention services
  • Assessment of the family's knowledge of ASD, challenges, coping skills, and resources/supports

  • Lab work, if necessary

The entire process happens locally; families do not have to drive hours to regional pediatric centers to get the answers they need. Instead, they interact with service providers and doctors in their home communities.

The image below outlines how a child may receive a diagnosis through this process.

ADEP Process Chart