Autism Diagnosis Education Project


As indicated below, fifty-three counties have been trained and participated in ADEP since its launch in 2008. As with any initiative, there is always an ebb and flow to the level of participation in the project, meaning there are a small number of counties who have not been able to sustain their involvement in the initiative over the long-run, but a majority have been able to continue to their efforts with great success. The growth of ADEP has occurred primarily in 4 separate waves: two waves under the Autism Diagnosis Education Pilot Project (ADEPP, 2008-2011), and two waves under the expansion (ADEP, 2012-2014).

If you are a parent, pediatrician, service provider or professional and have questions regarding this project and the implementation of it in the state of Ohio, please contact Maggie Gons, Early Childhood Grants Coordinator,

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