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Students have experienced a significant shift to online learning and accessing educational content digitally. Unfortunately, some online learning environments, applications, or digital content are not accessible for students with disabilities. Many organizations are now offering free content and accounts to increase online learning potential and resources. We have curated resources that are focused on increasing access to educational content or skills, either as a whole or specific to a disability category.

Accessibyte - All Apps are Free Accessibyte is offering their fun, funky, and fully accessible apps for free to users who are blind, visually impaired, deaf, dyslexic, or have other reading difficulties.
Open Space by INFOhio Explore free, open-source educational resources created and shared by Ohio Pre-K-12 educators.
Digital Educational Materials & Resources for Learning The Indiana PATINS Project has curated this list of digital educational materials and resources.
Described and Captioned Media Program (DCMP) The Described and Captioned Media Program (DCMP) is offering families and educators who have at least one student with a disability to register for free membership and access to more than 8,000 captioned and described educational videos.
Be the Helper This webinar series from INFOhio features reviews of their free digital content available to all Ohio educators.
Clips App Clips is a free app for making fun videos to share with friends and family.
Don Johnston - Learning Tools Looking for essential accommodations and learning supports across your caseload or school district? Check out resources like Snap&Read (reading accommodations and study tools), Quizbot (teacher-created quizzes), and more, from Don Johnston Learning Tools.
National Library of Virtual Manipulatives Always free- but an excellent resource for interactive web-based virtual manipulatives. The tools are arranged by grade band and topic such as Number & Operations, Algebra, Gemotery, Measurement and Data Analysis & Probability
LearningGrids Math Activities Free resources from CrickSoftware produced by the community. There is a topic area devoted to math activities with over 200 resources including geometry, 2D and 3D shapes, position and direction, measurement and data, time, money and more.
MathMod Two apps available in the iTunes app store: ModMath - Free app to solve math problems using a touchscreen device and grids to place numbers. There is a custom keypad available as well.
Panther Math Paper Panther Math Paper - not free, but only $20. Provides access to math for those with motor challenges. Solve problems from beginning to advanced math.
DreamBox Learning Over 40 free virtual manipulatives for K-8 math including numbers sense, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, geometry, algebra, functions and proportional reasoning. Does not use Flash!
Math & Science Supports for a Remote Learning Environment Texthelp will demonstrate ways in which EquatIO features enhance a remote/e-learning environment, by helping teachers to create robust, digital learning activities that can also be shared through Google Classroom and LMS's such as Canvas and D2L. In addition, students can complete assignments and assessments in a way that is personalized to their own learning preferences.
Bookshare Bookshare® is a free online library that offers access to books in alternative formats and the ability to customize user reading preferences.
OverDrive Enjoy ebooks and audio books for free from your local library or school.
Audible - Free Audiobooks Audible is offering their digital books for free during the length of the pandemic. Books are available across most devices.
Clicker and DocsPlus: Reading and Writing Software for All Abilities Need access to educational software at home? Get free access to Clicker and DocsPlus for six months.
Learning Ally Learning Ally provides human-read audio books for students who struggle to read, including curriculum-aligned text books, popular fiction, and more. Subscription is required.
NewsELA Engage students with thousands of texts on topics they care about most, with standards-aligned lesson supports built for ELA instruction. Check out articles at five reading levels and create and share customizable assignments. Free teacher access.