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Assessment measures are administered to gain a better understanding of an individual’s functioning.  They can provide meaningful information regarding a student’s strengths and challenges. Test developers typically outline specific administration procedures to ensure that an individual’s performance is properly interpreted.  Best practice dictates that assessment instruments be administered and interpreted by professionals who are educated and trained in assessment.  The links, webcasts, and documents below provide information to consider when administering assessments.


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Assessment Psychology Online Psychological Assessment, Testing and Practice Resources for Psychologists
A site that provides clinical information for psychologists and educational professionals on assessment and related topics.

Autism Spectrum Disorders: Best Practice Guidelines for Screening, Diagnosis and Assessment
A collaborative effort of expert panels across the state of California developed these guidelines regarding screening, evaluation, and interdisciplinary assessment for individuals who may meet the diagnostic criteria for autism spectrum disorder.


Assessing Autism Spectrum Disorders: Guidelines for Parents and Educators
An article that presents guidelines for parents and educators to help them navigate the process of assessing autism spectrum disorders.
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