School-Age Programming

Communication and Socialization

Visual Supports

Many types of "visuals" can be created for use in the classroom and community in order to teach and remind students of what to do and how to interpret social situations. Below are several examples.


Social Narrative

This visual support is a social narrative (retrieved from:  Picture SET.) The steps in this example offer clear visual information about how others might feel when they hear swear words, what might happen when a person uses inappropriate language, and suggestions for appropriate alternative language to use in school.

View social narrative example



Video Modeling

Video modeling is another type of visual support that offers a highly reinforcing format in which to teach or reinforce skills.  Using small portable video cameras and phones with video capability, creating a video for teaching purposes can be simple. 

The example below was recorded in "one take" using a phone camera.

Interactive Transcript

Video Player Help

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Other examples of video modeling may be found at the following links:

News story of impact of video modeling on one youth with ASD

Preview of DVD, "Manners for the Real World

Ninth Planet - Website created by a youth with Asperger Syndrome. This site offers a preview of the video modeling series created by this young man


Here are some examples of "home-made" videos:



Safety Concepts


Video Modeling Brief Package

This site offers several documents that provide information about video modeling. One document provides considerations for the development of video modeling. Another document provides an overview of the research supporting the use of video modeling.