Age-Appropriate Transition Assessment

A Closer Look at AATA

Does the student have the necessary skills and knowledge to be successful in the desired postsecondary education environment?

  • Obtain a list of the academic requirements for the selected college or school. How does the student’s current trend of academic achievement align with these required skills/knowledge?
  • Interview the student to determine his/her level of knowledge of the accommodations needed to be successful in an academic environment. Is the student able to explain and advocate for those accommodations in an effective manner?
  • Use checklists and tools that measure self-determination, independence and problem solving.
  • Observe student in new environments where he/she must use skills associated with self-determination and independence.

Will this student be able to safely live in his/her residential situation of choice?

  • Use checklists or do analysis of environment to determine priority safety skills. Observe student’s ability in relation to the identified priority skills.
  • Interview individuals who live with student currently to determine student’s skills level.
  • Identify needed supports to determine where these might be available to the student following high school.