Lending Library FAQ

How long is the loan period?

  • Books/DVD’s/Books on CD, Assessment Tools, Assistive Technology
    • 21 business days
  • FM systems
    • 15 weeks

Who can utilize the lending library? Are there any limitations on loan types?

  • Any person over the age of 18 and is a resident of Ohio
  • Certifications or credentials may be required for loan of specific assessment tools – details can be found in the description details for each item
  • It is preferred that Assistive Technology is used during an assessment period. Many of the offered items require training, specialization or programming for effective trials.
  • FM systems loans are required to have the oversight of a licensed Educational Audiologist. Please see the guidelines for FM system loans for more information.

How do I obtain a library account?

  • Fill out the online registration form
  • After your application is received, you will receive and email containing your login credentials and hints about using the lending library

How many items can I loan?

  • Up to 5 items may be loaned at once

What if the item is not available? Can I place advanced reservations?

  • Yes, reservations can be placed for items at any time in the future
  • If an item is out on loan or reserved, you will be able to place a reservation for the next available booking slot

What is the shipping process?

  • Most items are shipped via UPS ground (Ohio addresses only) at no cost to the library patron. Some items are not available for shipment and are available for pick up only. Details about restrictions can be found in the description of the item.
  • Please keep all boxes and packaging items for the return shipment to OCALI
  • At the end of the loan period, OCALI will initiate a pick up or label creation with UPS – OCALI offers two options for return shipment
  • OCALI will issue a UPS pick up and 3 attempts will be made to pick up at an address specified by the client. This option is used primarily when UPS does not make regular stops at a particular location. UPS will bring the necessary tag with them. All you need to do is have it ready at the address requested. You do not need to be physically present.
  • OCALI will issue a UPS return tag that will be accessed via an email issued by the UPS website. The client will need to print the tag attach it to the item after packing in the original box. If you have a regular UPS drop off point (at a building, school, etc.) you can leave them at that spot. You can also return them to a UPS store.
  • Please note that UPS shipment times may vary depending on UPS delivery and pick up schedules
  • If UPS is unable to pick up after 3 attempts the patron will be responsible for return shipment to OCALI.

How do I update my account information?

Can I renew items?

  • Renewal requests can be made 3-5 days prior to the loan end date by emailing lendinglibrary@ocali.org or by phone at 866-886-2254
  • Items may not be available for renewal if there are prior reservations