FM System Loan Procedure

Purpose: To give educators, therapists and parents access to a FM system which may be used in conjunction with the student’s hearing aid or cochlear implant. Additionally, systems are available that can be used without a hearing aid or cochlear implant for students with mild hearing loss or auditory processing disorders. Systems can be used for the purpose of formal evaluation of students, diagnostic trials, or in-service. All school districts must secure the services of a licensed audiologist to dispense and monitor the FM Systems.

Loan Guidelines for FM Systems

  • Apply for a library account.
  • FM systems will be loaned to the district only after a verified Educational Audiologist is employed to dispense, monitor and provide an in-service for the equipment. The Educational Audiologist must verify the case contents prior to return.
  • FM systems will be loaned to the person that is designated as responsible for the FM system and is responsible for each item loaned.
  • FM systems may be used only when the evaluation, diagnostic trial or consultation session is provided at no cost to parents, school district or SST.
  • FM system loan period is 15 weeks.
  • FM systems are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Systems are reserved online here.
  • FM systems will not be available for loans between June 1 and September 1 for summer service procedures and purposes.
  • Each FM system will be shipped and picked up via the United Parcel Service (UPS). The AT & AEM Center will pay the UPS costs and arrange the UPS service. Please allow several days for UPS delivery. The AT & AEM Center will schedule the UPS call tag for the pick-up of the system. UPS will make 3 attempts to pick up. If UPS is not able to pick up, the designated contact must arrange delivery to the AT & AEM Center.