Young Children, Families, and OCALI

Early Identification

Early identification of developmental delays and entry into intervention significantly improves life outcomes. OCALI’s Center for the Young Child focuses on increasing awareness and understanding of high-quality early evaluation and assessment methods through training and collaboration.


Early Identification of ASD & Your Role in IDEA Part C

What Primary Care Physicians for Young Children Need to Know about Early Intervention in Ohio

In this 1-hour webinar, learn how physicians, families and service providers work together to recognize and address developmental concerns in young children. Increase your understanding of: the importance of early identification; how families can receive services and support through Ohio's Early Intervention Services; and access a free, online resource that shares practical strategies and is available to all Ohioans.

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ADEP: Autism Diagnosis Education Project

Autism Diagnosis Education Project

Learn about the Autism Diagnosis Education Project on educating families, health care professionals, educators, and others interested in screening and diagnosis of autism spectrum disorders.

OCALI’s Commitment to Early Childhood

Across OCALI’s Centers is a thriving dedication to early childhood development and education. Learn about current learning opportunities for families and professionals to help young children, birth-8 years of age, learn and grow.

Learn about ASD: Preschool Autism Training Series

Preschool Autism Training Series

Intended for preschool personnel working with students with ASD the three-day institute focuses on understanding the diverse needs of young children with ASD.
PLAY Project: PLAY Project: A Strategy to Enhance Relationships for Young Children with ASD

PLAY Project: A Strategy to Enhance Relationships for Young Children with ASD

Learn about the PLAY Project, a play-based approach that nurtures critical parent/child relationships.
ASD Strategies In Action: ASD Strategies in Action: Toddler and Preschool Age

ASD Strategies in Action: Toddler and Preschool Age

This course features real-world video examples of evidence-based strategies that can be used across natural environments during many typical routines and activities of toddlers and preschoolers.
Third Thursday: Third Thursday: Family Online Learning Series

Third Thursday: Family Online Learning Series

Introducing Third Thursday, a new monthly 1-hour webstream series designed for families of individuals with disabilities.