Ohio's Statewide FASD Initiative

Since 2004, Ohio’s FASD Statewide Steering Committee has partnered to fight the tragic effects of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders. This partnership includes volunteer representatives from Ohio Family and Children First state agencies, universities, medical providers and parents. With its mission to establish efficiency in state systems resource allocation, coordination of services and augmentation of available resources to address FASD, the Committee developed a strategic plan to address the established need.

  • Reduce alcohol exposed pregnancies (Prevention)
  • Improve screening and diagnosis for FASD (Diagnosis and Screening)
  • Increase the availability and awareness of services for those affected by FASD (Improving services)
  • Maintenance in enhance state and national collaboration and integration of the FASD initiative (Advocacy and Service Integration)

Since its inception, the committee has enjoyed shared leadership under the direction of three state agencies; the Ohio Department of Alcohol and Drug Addiction Services (ODADAS), the Department of Health (ODH) and the Department of Developmental Disabilities (ODODD). The leadership expanded in 2009 to include the Ohio Department of Education. ODADAS is the fiscal and administrative sponsor of the initiative under the direction of the Ohio FASD State Coordinator in association with the National Association of FASD State Coordinators. The ODADAS Coordinator facilitates and regularly schedules committee meetings, provides resources, supports training opportunities and assists the Parent Network and local FASD community based groups.

Each state agency participating on the committee is responsible for agency specific action planning that directly contributes to the initiatives strategic plan. The other State Department members, in addition to the Leadership, of the initiative are:

  • ODJFS (Job and Family Services)
  • ODMH (Mental Health)
  • ODR&C (Rehabilitation and Corrections)
  • ODA (Aging)
  • OFCFC (Family and Children First)

FASD Parent Network

The Ohio FASD Parent Network is a workgroup of the Ohio FASD Steering Committee. The mission is to increase FASD awareness and provide information and resources to families and caregivers as well as organizations serving individuals affected by FASD.

The parent network holds meetings and has email contact in five Ohio regions for input from families about their experiences with FASD. The feedback is brought back to the Steering Committee to help shape Ohio goals and priorities. A "List Serv" for families is available to join to receive information and resources.

Parent Network Representatives Contact Information:

Northeast Ohio
Parent Representatives: Lynette Blasiman
Email: l.blasiman@juno.com

Northwest Ohio
Parent Representative: Cheryl Kyser
Email: wmkchk@bex.net

State Representative
ODADAS FASD State Coordinator: Melinda Norman
Email: MNorman@ada.ohio.gov