Supporting Positive Behaviors at School and at Home, Part 1

October 1, 2020 | 4:00pm

Recognizing that this school year looks different for students, school staff, and families, what can we do to help children know what to expect in these educational situations? How can we help children and their families? This session explores simple strategies known as antecedent-based interventions, which are evidence-based interventions that focus on identifying the conditions in the environment that may be contributing to the occurrence of an interfering behavior.

Presented by: Amy Bixler Coffin, MS - Program Director, Autism Center at OCALI; Wendy Szackacs, MS - Regional Consultant, Autism Center at OCALI; Bobby Huffman, Intervention Specialist, Upper Arlington School District; Kelli Flannagan, Intervention Specialist, ESCCO

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