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Bullying and Individuals with Special Needs

Bullying - Sad Boy

Bullying is a national issue. Bullying impacts 60% of individuals with disabilities. Awareness, education, and action are needed for these statistics to change.

Professionals, family members, and individuals with disabilities need anti-bullying strategies to avoid or respond to bullying situations. Bystanders can stop 50% of bullying, if they are aware, educated and take action.  They can become an "Upstander" instead.

OCALI has gathered resources to increase awareness, provide education, to promote taking action! Peruse the webcasts, websites, program resources, and books available on this site. Learn about supports for individuals with disabilities, their families, their peers, and those who educate them.

OCALI's Center for Systems Change has posted an article "Bullying, Trauma, and Children with Disabilities".  The article describes how bullying can lead to trauma for an individual with a developmental disability and how trauma-informed care can be helpful.  To access the article visit: http://www.centerforsystemschange.org/view.php?nav_id=117

For further information please contact Wendy Szakacs, OCALI Regional Consultant at 614.410.0997 or wendy_szakacs@ocali.org.