Welcome to a Whole New OCALI

Introducing Centers at OCALI

Our goal is simple: Prepare individuals with autism and low-incidence disabilities for meaningful and successful lives. How do we do it? Through leadership, professional development, technical assistance, collaboration and technology. Our six centers channel your interests and passions and connect you to world-class tools, resources and information. In addition, our Center for Systems Change and OCALI University drive continued efforts in leadership and the informing of public policy.

The Autism Center at OCALI

The Autism Center at OCALI provides a clearinghouse of information on research, resources and trends to address the autism challenge. The center offers a source for training, technical assistance, resources, and consultation to build program capacity and individual learning and growth.

The Disabilities Center at OCALI

The Disabilities Center at OCALI provides resources, professional development, technical assistance and consultation to educational and adult services programs / practitioners working with individuals who have severe, complex and multiple disabilities. The center combines information, knowledge, and resources in technology, universal design for learning, educational access, LRE and transition to adult life.

The Universal Design for Learning Center at OCALI

The Universal Design for Learning Center at OCALI offers professional development, technical assistance, and resources to help design educational environments that enable all learners to gain knowledge, skills, and enthusiasm for learning.

The Assistive Technology Center at OCALI

The Assistive Technology Center at OCALI features resources, supports, professional development and a short-term lending library to assist in the effective implementation of assistive technologies for persons with disabilities. Assistive technologies can assist those with disabilities to more independently access school, work and life activities.

The Lifespan Transitions Center at OCALI

The Lifespan Transitions Center offers resources, training, technical assistance, and consultation to support the successful transition of individuals with autism and multiple disabilities throughout their school careers and into their adult lives. Resources address community living and employment.

The Family Center at OCALI

The Family Center at OCALI connects families to the information they need regarding services, supports, training and resources, including the free OCALI Lending Library. It offers training and products to help families and to support agencies serving them.