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NEW!  Ohio’s Learning Standards - Extended with Learning Progressions
Standards provide learning targets for units of study, lessons, and daily plans that drive instruction and assessment. This section provides direct access to the 2018 Ohio’s Learning Standards – Extended (OLS-E) that also contain Learning Progressions (LP's). Please feel free to download these documents for use in the planning process.
A learning progression is a sequence of skills linked to a learning target that build base skills and engagement as learners make progress toward mastery of the standard or learning target.
These LP's are a companion to Ohio’s New Learning Standards and OLS-E and help develop teacher and learner clarity about embedded skills within each standard. 
Please note: This resource provides many, but not all, skills leading to and through Ohio’s Learning Standards and OLS-E. The OLS-E with LP's is a living document. Review and refinement of these LP’s is ongoing and the documents will be updated regularly. Please check in frequently for the most up to date version. Edits and suggestions are welcomed. A portal for comments will be coming in the near future.

OLS-E Science with Learning Progressions
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OLS-E Social Studies with Learning Progressions 
Download | Format: Docx

OLS-E Mathematics with Learning Progressions
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OLS-E English Language Arts with Learning Progressions
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Extended Standards and Learning Progressions TTT PPT
Download | Format: PDF

Extended Standards with Learning Progressions Advertising Cards
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Sample Functional or Life Skills Standards and Curriculum
Below are samples of life skills standards and life skills curriculum that can be integrated into standards based planning at all grade levels.

Standards Based Life Skills
Download | Format: PDF | Size: 1.4 MB

Standards Based Life Skills Curriculum
Download | Format: PDF | Size: 2.1 MB

Ohio's K-12 Social and Emotional Learning Standards

Ohio's K-12 Social and Emotional Learning Standards are broken down by grade bands (kindergarten-grade 3, grades 3-5, middle grades and high school) and provide a continuum of development in five competencies: Self-Awareness, Self-Management, Social Awareness, Relationship Skills and Responsible Decision-Making.

View Ohio's K-12 Social and Emotional Learning Standards