Unit Planning


This section provides unit planning templates and step-by-step directions on the process of unit planning. All templates are provided in MS Word and can be downloaded, edited, and saved as needed.

Template: Unit Planning Using the Standards
The unit planning template provides a tool for teachers to capture and track the standards they have selected for each unit of study. This template provides space for general standards or extended standards across all subject areas that may be part of each unit (English/language arts, math, social studies and science). The template also provides a space to link each standard to an activity or lesson for instruction across the entire unit.

Template: Unit Plan
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Template: 3-Year Planning Forms
For those teachers who have many of the same students from one year to the next, the forms provided below allow for planning for instruction over multiple years and tracking topics across years. By planning this way there is reduced risk of repeating the same instruction, content, and standards year after year. The 3-Year Theme-Based Planning Form is a tool for organizing unit themes over the course of one year or multiple years. The 3-Year Monthly Planning Form provides space to outline units into a specific order for implementation over the course of a school year.

Template: 3-Year Theme-Based Planning Form
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Template: 3-Year Monthly Planning Form
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