Tiered Planning

The second layer in planning offers details as to how students with complex needs access, actively engage, and participate in each activity within the unit of study. A variety of materials, instructional strategies, and supports are detailed within the tiers in an effort to provide access for the full range of diverse learners. This part of the planning process guides staff in the preparation of materials that will be needed for instruction. Without this step many students may become bystanders to instruction rather than active participants.


Tiered Planning is the second layer of the planning process and is essential for student access and participation within each lesson/activity in a unit. During Unit Planning, standards were clustered into groups that would be taught and assessed within an activity or lesson lasting one or more days. The Tiered Plan is the document that contains the details for each lesson.

The Tiered Plan reminds teachers of standards to be covered, assessments to be used, the flow of the lesson, and details about materials, technology, and instructional strategies used to ensure that each learner can actively participate in the daily instruction and assessments. The Tiered Plan contains a section for IEP goals or objectives that align to each specific lesson.