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Future Planning

Future Planning


Developing a vision for the future can be difficult for both families and youth. Often knowing where to start is the biggest hurdle. Below are links to several tools that could be helpful to initiate or guide the process.


Puzzle of Lifestyle Planning by Nancy Kalina, Indiana Resource Center for Autism, Indiana Institute on Disability and Community, Indiana University

Lifestyle planning is a method for supporting individuals with disabilities in making choices that reflect preferences, areas of strength, and their personal visions. Supported by friends, family members, and professionals, individuals with ASD can construct a map for their life. This tool provides a set of questions that can facilitate discussions and decisions in future planning.


Transition from School to Adult Life in the Community: A Three-Part Planning Sheet by David Wiley, Texas Deafblind Project, Texas School for the Blind & Visually Impaired

This informal tool allows families, students, and educators to explore multiple aspects of life after high school in order to frame a vision of adult life for an individual student. This form consists of three parts: Creating a Vision/Developing Goals, The Ideal Day!, and A Plan of Action

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The Village … Alex Lives In

This website overviews the life of a young man with a significant disability who began with a vision for a meaningful life.


Developing a Vision

This webpage, part of the Resourcing Families website, offers information, stories, examples, and strategies to help families and individuals to create a meaningful life vision


Kids Together: Vision Building

This webpage is part of the Kids Together, Inc. website which offers information and resources for children and adults with disabilities. This webpage offers a variety of ways to think about visioning and the aspects of the vision that should be addressed. The title page states, "Let not our needs determine our dreams...but let our dreams determine our needs." Colleen F. Tomko