IEP Transition Components

Create a Vision

Visioning the Future

Some youth find it difficult to envision and articulate their life as adults. A variety of informal tools are available to help the youth, the family, and team to develop the vision and identify a path to the future. Review the resources below for information and ideas to help plan for the future.


Planning for Your Transition From High School to Adult Life: A workbook to help you decide what you want your life to look like after graduation ...
by Ellen Condon and Kim Brown

This free publication was produced by the Transition Projects at The Rural Institute: Partnerships for Transition. The Rural Institute, located at the University of Montana, offers many resources related to transition planning with a focus on individualized, meaningful employment. This workbook shares important information, encourages youth to begin thinking about life after high school, and offers ideas they can use to plan routes to reach their goals.


Person-Centered Planning: A Tool for Transition
by the National Center on Secondary Education and Transition

Use of a person-centered planning process with young adults with disabilities can coordinate formal and informal systems of support. By combining resources and working intentionally toward a common goal, families, youth and professionals can achieve more positive outcomes for youth with disabilities, while at the same time putting long-term community supports in place. This resource provides an overview of the steps for person-centered planning and connects this process to the IEP transition planning process.


My Future My Plan
developed by the National Center on Secondary Education and Transition at the Institute on Community Integration (UCEDD), University of Minnesota.

My Future My Plan is a transition planning resource that can be used to engage groups of students with disabilities, their families, and professionals in the transition planning process. It includes a video, a video discussion guide, a planning and resource book for students, and a guide for family members and teachers.


Open Futures

This website provides an opportunity for youth to see adults with disabilities who had a vision and have succeeded. Each month Open Futures introduces three people with disabilities who believed in themselves and followed their dreams.


Planning for the Future
by Mary E. Morningstar

This is a workbook designed to help students, their families, and professionals to plan for life after high school. It uses a person-centered approach to identify student strengths and facilitates a problem-solving approach to develop a plan of action and a vision for the future.