Take 5

Learn about essential topics for transition and adulthood and engage in new ideas through Take 5 webcasts. Each short video in the Take 5 series will review a topic, concept or idea about transition and adult life planning, service and support for those assisting youth and adults with disabilities. Take 5 also provides five take-away resources for each of the webcasts to help extend learning and support implementation of new knowledge or sharing of valuable ideas.

Take 5 Webinars

Technology for Life, Work & Learning

Learn how apps and computer software can provide greater access and independence to community living, employment, and continued learning for all individuals.

Evidence Based Practices and Predictors for Successful Adult Outcomes

Explore videos on evidence based strategies and learn about proven teaching methods to assist youth and adults as they transition to their future goals and plans. Connect with community members and plan for all parts of youths or adults’ life from the work world to independent living activities.

Community Collaboration - Become involved in your community!

Connect and engage community partners to help youth and adults reach their individual goals.

Age Appropriate Transition Assessment (AATA)

Tools to plan for the future with a transition team! Youth and adults can have the life they want by preparing and following a plan to their ideal life. Review an easy to understand description of AATA that can help guide a team to identify the needed data and how to use data to inform post-secondary goals and transition services.


Make your voice be heard!

Use proven strategies and techniques to direct your life’s journey. Listen to eight advocates as they speak about how they created the life they wanted using self-advocacy strategies and resources.