School Based Partnerships to Support Transition Services

OCALI Transition Planning and the IEP: Element Five-Transition Services

This portion of the OCALI Transition guideline provides information and resources about transition services. Ideas to support transition are included, as well as case studies.

Department of Developmental Adult Day Service Options

Review the Medicaid waiver day service options. On April 1, 2017, proposed modifications to HCBS waiver adult day and employment services went into effect. Created in partnership with stakeholders, the revised adult day services prioritize person-centered planning, community employment, and community membership.

Ohio Employment First- County/Region Level Resources

Explore the transition resources available on the Ohio Employment First webpage to support the collaborative work of local county agencies and schools.

Taxonomy for Transition Programming 2.0

This model for planning, organizing, and evaluating transition education, services, and programs highlights practices identified from effective programs and the research. The model continues with five primary practice categories: Student‐ Focused Planning, Student Development, Interagency Collaboration, Family Engagement, and Program Structure

National Collaborative on Workforce and Disability/Youth : Career Development

Highlights skills needed to become employed and to maintain employment throughout life. Several publications offer information and ideas for state and local partnership activity to support youth career development.