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Power Cards

Discover power cards, visual supports that include an individual’s special interest to teach and reinforce academic, behavioral, organizational, and social skills. Created by Elise Gagnon, the strategy consists of a brief scenario and a visual cue. The visual cue, or reminder, is written in the first person from the perspective of the individual’s special interest and provides solutions to address challenges. The cards can be created in different sizes (i.e: baseball card, business card, bookmark) and should contain a small picture and three to five steps to address the difficult situation.

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Power Card 2.0

Power Card Resources

Blank Power Card Template
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Power Card - Dolphin
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Power Card - T-rex
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Book Suggestions

Book Cover - Power Cards

Power Cards: Using Special Interests to Motivate Children and Youth with Asperger Syndrome and Autism

Gagnon, E.

This step-by-step book shows parents and educators how to help change an unwanted or inappropriate behavior by capitalizing on the special interests that characterize children and youth with AS. A brief, motivational text related to a special interest or a highly admired person is combined with an illustration and made into a bookmark- or business card-sized POWER CARD that the youth can refer to whenever necessary. For younger child the special interest or hero is worked into a brief story.